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Dana R.

I came to David Baum when, as a single dad, I was struggling in litigation with my ex in Juvenile Court. Mr. Baum took complete control of my case, gave me a strong voice before the judge and guardian, and I won custody of my son. He even gave me great advice on how to raise my child on my own. A few years later, he helped me keep custody in Superior Court. I recommend David Baum to anyone who needs help in court and who is looking for a caring but tough attorney.

Hicham A.

David Baum has been the attorney for my restaurant business for over ten years.
He has successfully helped me and my business with various legal issues and has truly
helped me prosper and succeed. I know that if I ever need him, David Baum is there for
me and would help me in any way he can. I consider him not only my attorney, but a true
friend as well.

Al N.

David Baum has helped me on various legal issues throughout the past several
years. He truly has my best interests at heart. I can reach him anytime, on his cell phone,
and he always calls me back. Mr. Baum was extremely good in court, as he controlled the
entire process from start to finish and I won my case against my ex. In fact, Mr. Baum
allowed me to continue seeing my son, after my ex had denied me visitation. I
recommend him to anyone needing a great lawyer.

Cliff P.

My wife and I hired David Baum to help us with a mold infestation in our home.
He represented us for several years and he never gave up on us. Because of his hard work
and dedication, we wound up with a favorable settlement. Mr. Baum is not only a great
lawyer but he grew to be our friend as well. My wife and I recommend David Baum
without reservation.

Eric H.

David Baum represented me when my ex-wife withheld visitation of my teenage
son from me. It was a difficult time but Mr. Baum was there for me. He was extremely
capable in court and dealing with the other attorney and the judge. Because of Mr. Baum,
I was reunited with my son and we have a wonderful relationship now. I am grateful to
Mr. Baum for all of his hard work and dedication.

Alex G.

I am a chiropractor that has worked for David for over fifteen years. David is a hard-working, dedicated attorney who does a great job for his many clients. He genuinely takes an interest in his clients and treats them with respect and care. I regularly refer clients to David because I know he will work hard for them and get a great result.

Esse C.

I am real estate agent who has worked with David Baum and referred cases to him over the years. David is very knowledgeable in the area of family law and is a bulldog in the courtroom. I recommend him to anyone seeking a strong voice in court and with opposing lawyers. He will get the job done.

Bob R.

I hired David to represent me on four traffic tickets. I was hoping he would get the fines reduced and saved my license but he wound up getting all of the tickets dismissed with no fine whatsoever! Highly recommended!